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April 14, 2016
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What will you find at FACE Munich? 
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Amazing Speakers
Four successful entrepreneurs, founders and co-funders of startups, will tell you about their failures and  how they reached success
Networking FACE Entrepreneurship
You will have the chance to meet other European entrepreneurs like you and make long lasting connections for the future. 
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Raffle tickets

Face Entrepreneurship will raffle tickets to attend the South Summit 2016. Don't miss the opportunity to win!  

What is FACE Munich?

Many of the entrepreneurs we've been talking to usually point out one idea: entrepreneurship is something very personal, almost like a second life, so you better believe in yourself if you want to succeed. 

And this is it the idea surrounding FACE Munich. "Because I'm worth it... or not.." a meeting where we'll talk about self-perception fears and how to overcome them.

Win a trip to Municwith FACE Entrepreneurship

What is FACE Entrepreneurship?

FACE Entrepreneurship is a European project that aims to promote ICT entrepreneurship in Europe by challenging the concept of failure through the understanding and confrontation of the most common fears entrepreneurs FACE.
In order to help you, we have created a game to guide you through your entrepreneurial journey. By being a player you will have the opportunity to be part of a European community of entrepreneurs, and get access to:
  • FACE Events around Europe
  • Meetups with investors
  • Raffle tickets for entrepreneurship events
  • Networking with other entrepreneurs
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